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The future will belong to businesses that know how to efficiently align, integrate and make the most of their technologies. Megaviz create business solutions that utilize new technologies to streamline systems, accelerate communication and maximize productivity.

People are on the move, working in separate offices, homes and coffee shops around the country or around the world and your organization needs to support them.

At the same time, communications options have multiplied. It's difficult for the average worker to manage all these points of contact while communicating effectively with customers, colleagues, vendors, partners and the public.

To add to the degree of difficulty, the number of unified communication and collaboration tools available today is growing almost as quickly as the number of devices and platforms used to access them.

The exponential growth in complexity makes it difficult to keep pace with the support required for
security, upgrades and maintenance - and still maintain budget and spending ratios.

How Megaviz Can Help:

Megaviz's communication platform allows you to transform your communications culture by embracing new technologies into your integrated communications platform.

Megaviz also provides a host of unified services to increase productivity and collaboration by streamlining your communication channels. We can implement both remote and onsite IT infrastructure to meet the demands of your organization.

Service Offerings:


Communication Fax Video
Configuration of hybrid PABX Configuration of Fax on dedicated devices Video conferencing
Configuration of IP based PABX Centralized Fax solution Peer to Peer Conferencing
Inter branch calling over VPN Centralized storage of fax for multiple user access
Auto Attendant system Incoming Fax to email solution
Voicemail configuration Outgoing fax directly from outlook
Call recording