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Remote Connectivity Remote Secure Solution

Secured and economical remote connectivity is a must for an organization with offices spread across different physical locations to access the data from the head office. Fast access to the data plays a vital role in the smooth day to day operations.

As the world shifts to a mobile friendly landscape, corporations are under pressure to the same. With employees bringing their own devices to work for personal and corporate use and employers shifting to a mobile workforce the need for access and connection to information securely is rising.

Megaviz and Remote Access Solutions provides the most comprehensive capabilities and ease-of-management that administrators require for the shift to a mobile workforce.

How Megaviz Can Help:

Megaviz has a dedicated team on this area to provide total solutions including Virtual Private Network (VPN), MPLS and other point to point connectivity options.

As bandwidth is an expensive component in remote connectivity, we have solutions for WAN traffic compression/caching to reduce the bandwidth required for accessing the data/applications from the head office with minimum latency which helps to increase the productivity of all the organizations.

Megaviz is always committed to provide solutions with low TCO and high ROI with our Citrix and Microsoft Solutions for remote application access solutions.

Service Offerings:

Remote Connectivity
Secured client side VPN
Secured site to site VPN
Secured file access over VPN
ERP access over VPN (if ERP application supports VPN)
VPN access on Mobile devices