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Security & Firewall Unique Solution

Security: Business assets such as networks, email systems, databases and sensitive data on file systems or intranets must constantly be protected. Insight provides solutions for the management and security of your core business components from encryption and server protection to compliance reporting and security analytic.

Firewall: As critical information moves from the data center to the field across desktops, laptops and mobile devices, platform management and policy become every bit as important as your firewall. Insight's data protection solutions can help you stay secure at this fundamental level by providing comprehensive solutions that protect the data and applications on nearly any computing device your workforce might use.

Without security business processes cease to function.

How Megaviz Can Help:

Megaviz, after understanding in detail your business needs, offers a complete package of security solutions ranging from formulating security strategy for business, Network security and design, Email and Web Security, Network Audit & Monitoring, Endpoint control and security services. Megaviz's solutions help you mitigate data damage risks and solve your security challenges.

Service Offerings:


Security & Firewall CCTV/Access Control
Security GW congiguration Analogue & IP cameras
Web Filter (Internet Blocking) DVR & NVR configuration
Firewall & Remote Access Online access of camera from anywhere in the globe
Network security Bio-metric & Attendance
Email Security Centralized reports in Excel format
Server Security